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Accredited Presentation Training™

Are you ready to get your skills to the next level?


Accredited Presentation Specialist™  training is a program for people who are interested in becoming a nationally-recognized presenter.  This training is more intense and more specialized than Speaker Training.


Speaker Training is designed for business leaders who  need to present as part of their jobs, but these people don't imagine or need to master the art of public speaking. They will present to their teams, to clients, or sometimes at a regional conference, but they still make their living in their original careers.

We base the Accredited Presentation Specialist  training on proprietary research we've conducted called the Core Competency Research Study. This study looked at 300 speakers from large and successful companies and compared them to 300 speakers at small and struggling companies. We scored each speaker across 22 separate "core competences."  These competencies were attributes like vocal variety, gesturing, and use of concrete language. Each attribute is seen in the industry as a 'must have' for professional speakers.  The combined research gives us a road map of what 'right looks like.' 

Accredited Presentation Specialist  training is not for everybody. Our conventional Speaker Training has helped thousands of business leaders hone their presentation skills enough to improve their value to their companies. They've used these skills for business development, landing larger contracts with greater ease than before. They've used these skills to be become better leaders, after all leadership is 80% communication.  And we've seen many students open their own companies and thrive. Speaker Training works. Those of you who've done this training know the benefits of our Speaker Training program.

Becoming an Accredited Presentation Specialist  requires more time, more focus, and the ability to master some fairly complex skills. The benefit, however, is considerable. First, if you see a person with Accredited Presentation Specialist  on their resume you can rest assured they are an expert presenter. The accreditation process is rigorous and we vet every student against stringent criteria.


Second, the Accredited Presentation Specialist is professionally videotaped presenting in front of an audience. A prospective employer or event coordinator can watch that video here on our website and see for themselves the quality of the presenter.

And finally, the Accredited Presentation Specialist  makes a commitment to continuous improvement with additional training over the next few years. 

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Becoming an Accredited Presentation Specialist is about taking your skills to the next level

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