Two-hundred and three pages of step-by-step guides to becoming a better communicator, engaging your audience, and crafting your message. Daniel teaches you how to connect emotionally and create stories you're audience won't soon forget. This expanded version includes chapters on stagecraft, body language, PowerPoint and handling tough questions.

Nailed It! The Step-by-Step Guide to Giving Your Best Presentation Ever

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  • Twelve chapter, 203 pages. 

    • Preface, The Problem
    • Chapter 1, Speaking success is business success
    • Chapter 2, You must be engaging
    • Chapter 3, The Quietest
    • Chapter 4, Get outside your comfort zone
    • Chapter 5, Q&A sessions can be a minefield
    • Chapter 6, Crafting your talk
    • Chapter 7, The "Why" formula
    • Chapter 8, "This I believe" formula
    • Chapter 9, People won't forget your story
    • Chapter 10, Putting the pieces in place
    • Chapter 11, Memorizing your speech
    • Chapter 12, Making your presentation memorable
    • Chapter 13, Stagecraft
    • Chapter 14, PowerPoint
    • Chapter 15, Speaking is active
    • Final thoughts
    • A checklist for better speaking
    • About the author
    • How to sign up for a class