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The number one reason people pick one church over another is the quality of the sermon. Not the coffee shop, or the music ministry, or the children's activities. The sermon is the reason people attend and also the reason people stop attending.

The single easiest way to build your church is to become a better speaker.


You probably received very little public speaking training before becoming a pastor. And even if you had a few classes in seminary chances are good they taught a form a public speaking we no longer expect today. A dozen years ago sermons were duller, attention spans were greater, and there were fewer distractions like cell phones to challenge the speaker for the audience's attention.


Today congregations have less tolerance for anything they consider 

boring or out of touch.


Suddenly we are all expected to become TED Talks speakers. How do you go from where you are to where you'd like to be? This course, Public Speaking for the Ministry, is designed for you.

Our methodologies:

We measured sermons from over 200 large and growing churches against 22 separate speaking competencies. Then we measured sermons from 200 small and struggling churches against the same 22 speaking competencies. What did we find? In every case, the sermons from the large and growing churches scored higher on all 22 separate speaking competencies. In fact, in several instances, the sermons from large and growing churches scored much, much higher.

Our results:

Before we begin coaching our new clients we score their speaking strengths against these same 22 separate speaking competencies. That allows us to quickly diagnose what they are great at and what they need to work on. This allows us to provide focused coaching on our client's 3 to 5 weaknesses instead of trying to improve everything across the board.

Our training course:

This training course is not like any you've seen before. It is evidence-based and research-driven. As a speaking coach, Daniel Pennington has worked with Fortune 500 companies, international healthcare organizations, and tiny nonprofits. His skills are sought out by large attorney firms, business leaders, and elected officials. This course represents thousands of hands-on hours of working with people just like you. People who realize the only way they can take themselves and their teams to the next level is to become a world-class public speaker.

Our guarantee:

If you don't feel like you've become a much better speaker because of the course you will get your money back. It's that simple. We are confident this course will change your life forever.


As we promised, leave us your information and we'll send you a FREE copy of Daniel Pennington's 7-Step Guide to Speaking Success. This book is yours whether you buy the Public Speaking for the Ministry online course or not!

 Edited 7-Step Guide to Speaking Success
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