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Daniel Pennington is an award-winning presenter, public speaking coach, and motivational speaker. He has trained leaders from the United States, Canada and Australia. He has written two books and dozens of articles on the power and art of public speaking, how to improve your presentation style, and how to overcome stage fright. Daniel is available to train your team, a single individual, or your entire company. Call Daniel Pennington at Speaker Training today for more information. (850) 390-1839

Daniei Pennington presenting to a large audience of people at Entrecon
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Your success in the next five years has more to do with your ability to speak and communicate your ideas  than your technical ability. We work with business leaders who are skilled at their careers but suddenly have to develop this new skill, public speaking and presentations, and they are a little lost. 

The cost of working with a professional speaking coach like Daniel Pennington is small compared to the return on investment. Daniel has helped business leaders get more contracts, develop lasting business investments, get promoted or get that dream job. His training is tactical and practical with suggestions right from the start that will change how you speak and how you think about speaking. 

"The training for me and my team was perfect. We learned to communicate with each other and with clients in a way we've never done before in this company's 50 year history. I can't say enough about this training."
Jodi Harris, TEC Technology

"I knew the job I wanted and I also knew I didn't have the presentation skills I needed to get there. Daniel and his team gave me all of the skills I needed to apply, interview and get my dream job."
Todd Holman, Account Supervisor, Keneston Transport

"My team, my department, and I think the entire operations group was stuck.We could not figure out how to communicate with each other and it was costly us money. Based on a referral we chose to work with Daniel on everyone's communication styles. He pushed us, he made us uncomfortable, but he also changed us. We are better as a team, and now we know how to challenge ideas without destroying relationships. I still have one of Daniel's charts pinned on my bulletin board. We were lucky to work with Daniel.."
Desi Moulton, GreenerTech Environmental

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